KF94  Korean Filter

With so many unexpected events happening during pandemic, the least we can do is to give ourselves peace of mind. If you’re concerned with overexposure to yellow dust, fine dust particles, and other airborne particles, this FDA-approved KF94 mask might be an option for you. This mask has a four-layer structure to help filter out more than 94% of particles size averaging 0.4 μm (micrometers), while the nylon strings and the nose wire helps the mask stay secure and protected.

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According to mask standards, the KF94 shares similar traits to the N95 mask, with 1% difference in filtration.

4 Layers

Ear-Bands Closure

3-D Design

FDA Cleared

Anti Fogging


Korea Filter (KF) is a certification mark granted by the Korean Government to prove that the product has undergone assessment and supervision by MFDS. Using ‘KF’ mark for face masks uncertified by MFDS can mislead consumers into thinking that the face mask is made in Korea. Kukje Pharma (국제약품) Medimask is certified KF94 by MFDS.

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A substantial number of face masks, claiming to be of KF standards are being sold and distributed in Malaysia. It is important to note that not all KF face masks sold on e-commerce platforms or pharmacies are from Korea, some are manufactured in other countries without being tested and approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of the Republic of Korea. There is a high possibility that counterfeit KF face masks provide an inadequate level of protection and are likely to be poor quality products.

If you purchased a KF80, 94 or AD face masks which are not found on the MFDS database (, then there is a significant risk that they are counterfeit and should not be used.

We strongly recommend you to search the product on the MFDS website before you purchase, as this will provide the greatest assurance of receiving authentic product.


Each and every mask is placed in its own individual packaging ensuring sanitation standards are kept to the highest possible level. Before each pack is sealed, every mask receives an additional inspection to ensure all masks meet or exceed safety quality standards

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The nose clip inside each mask not only helps keep the mask situated nicely on your face, but also helps to minimize air leakage and the possibility of fogging up eyeglasses.

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This mask is manufactured, packaged, and sealed in South Korea under strict production guidelines and regulations designated by the Korean FDA. This is an authentic Korean product with all filtration materials sourced within Korea.

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Medimask is manufactured, packaged, and sealed by Kukje Pharma, South Korea under strict production guidelines and regulations designated by the Korean FDA. This is an authentic Korean product with all filtration materials sourced within Korea.


The 1st outer layer provides flexibility and the first defense to particulates, the 2nd and 3rd additional filter layers keep the mask’s firm shape and continue to further filter fine dust particles. The 4th inner layer is designed for low irritation and extra softness for comfortability.

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MFDS Criteria for Mask Certification

Purpose Ingredient/Material Standard Amount
Outer Layer Nonwoven Fabric KQC 0.98 g
Middle Layer Nonwoven Fabric KQC 0.98 g
Filter Nonwoven Fabric KQC 1.72 g
Inner Layer Nonwoven Fabric KQC 0.98 g
Nose Wire Polypropylene Cladding Wire Separate Rule 0.56 g
Strings Polyurethane/Nylon Separate Rule 0.46 g
(Plastic) Loop ABS


The 3D structure provides full cover and extra room for breathing so that it doesn’t touch the mouth and the design is created to fit on the facial line in order to help prevent ‘maskne’ with extended periods of use.

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The KUKJE Pharma 4-Ply KF94 Medi Mask is considered a Class II medical device and is fully cleared with the U.S. FDA. The ‘KF’ stands for ‘Korea Filter’ and is a standard that the Korean FDA places on products that adhere to manufacturing quality standards. The KF94 maintains quality assurance tested results above a 94% filtration efficiency.

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Super light weighted ear-bands are made super soft to reduce any kind of strain or tugging after long durations of wear. They’re easily adjustable also to loosen or tighten whenever needed.

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In an effort to beat the heat and stay protected, we would like to recommend our Medimask KF94 for some lightweight, breathable masks to add to your collection.

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Disclaimer: This product recommends that pregnant women, people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, children, the elderly, and etc., should stop wearing masks if there are issues with breathing, and consult a professional if necessary.


Light Weight

Extender / Hook Provided

US FDA Registered

CE Certified

Quality is a Reflection of Us! 

Mask should be safe and comfortable. Medimask KF94 is a reassuring product that has been identified by the Food and Drug Administration for product safety as a barrier to ultra-fine dust.



4ply Layer Filtration

Comes with Hook / Extender

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10 Pieces Packaging

Exclusive Malaysian Kukje Pharma Medimask KF94 Packaging

Exclusive Kukje Pharma Medimask KF94 10 pieces packaging for Malaysian Market. The packaging comes with individual wraps to ensure the mask sanitising and cleanliness.

Quantity : 10x Medimask KF94

This packaging comes with 10 pieces of Kukje Pharma Medimask KF94 with individually packing. The box has been designed for the Exclusive Malaysian Market.


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Retail Price : RM45

Promotion Price : RM35

Save : RM10


50 Pieces Packaging

Korea Kukje Pharma Medimask KF94 Packaging with Kukje Pharma Seal

Imported with seal box of Kukje Pharma Medimask KF94 50 pieces packaging for International Market. The packaging comes with individual wraps to ensure the mask sanitising and cleanliness.

Quantity : 50x Medimask KF94

The box comes with 50 pieces of Kukje Pharma Medimask KF94 with individually packing. 

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Retail Price : RM210

Promotion Price : RM165

Save : RM45

What Our Customers are Saying

Excellent Mask

This mask fits different size faces well. It’s easier to breathe through than many other masks I’ve used. Also, it’s scientifically the protection level mask that we need to be as safe as possible against the virus. Glad to see they’re now also available in black. My only hesitation in posting this is that they’ll often be sold out!

Almost Zero Fog

If like me, you wear glasses, then you know the struggle is real. This mask causes the least amount of fog as any of my other masks. It’s easy to breathe, with less warm air than my N95’s.


I really like that it’s secure around my cheeks and the nose area gives you room to breathe. I’m buying more!

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